Once upon a time,

we were all innovators. But along the way, something happened to that little innovator—that child in all of us. To find it again requires that we reignite that inner child and get our voice back. Getting our innovator’s voice back can change not only our personal lives but the contributions we make to the organizations, companies, and the world in which we live.

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In the Voice of the Innovator,
Dr. Jacqueline Byrd*
provides US WITH:


  • Seven powerful drivers for reigniting creativity and risk-taking.
  • Insights from world famous innovators on what drove them to greatness.
  • Remarkable stories and wisdom of seven contemporary innovators
    who are making a difference in the world.
  • The voices of 125 innovators who are determined, curious, and bold.
  • What the difference is between men and women innovators— you may be surprised!
  • Building blocks to creating, leading, and sustaining an innovative culture in organizations and corporations.

*Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D. is an international consultant, author, speaker and the brains behind the Creatrix™ Innovation Assessment and Platform, www.creatrix.com.

Jacquie Berglund

CEO and Rambunctious Social Entrepreneur, FINNEGANS Inc.

This book is an absolute gift for those who are curious trailblazers!

Mitchel Kusy, Ph.D.

International Consultant, Author, Professor Antioch University

By using this storytelling mode combined with critical research,
Jacqueline nailed this one. I couldn’t put this book down. Brava, Jacqueline!

Brent Edwards, Ph.D.

Vice-President Research, Starkey Labs

What characteristics does it take to be an innovator and what challenges can you expect to face? Byrd’s oftentimes whimsical look at the lives of innovators gives inspiration to those of us who struggle to enact innovation in our organizations, and the insight provided by successful innovators describing their own challenges is motivation to keep fighting the good fight for innovation.

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Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D.

CEO, Creatrix, Inc.
Author: The Innovation Equation
Author: Building Tomorrow's Business Through Innovative Leadership
Author: Voice of the Innovator
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